I’m used to seeing comments that Chandler & Freddie don’t have chemistry. (Are we watching the same show?) But today I read a comment that blew my mind. “Chandler doesn’t want to be within 10 feet of Freddie." Really?

1. Both actors say most of their scenes are improv; the physical affection and kissing are done when it feels right in the scene.

2. IMO, Chandler does most of the initiating of touching. Although, I have noticed that Freddie is doing more than he used to.

3. Chandler loves Freddie’s hair. And it usually looks like he’s pulling Freddie in for the kiss and keeping him there. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I see it.

One of the things I am worried about with Guy Wilson, although not as much, is the chemistry between Freddie and him. These are the reasons I’m not as worried.

1. Guy said in a tweet that he tested with Freddie and thinks they do have chemistry. Of course he’s going to say that, but…

2. Guy is not some random new guy (snicker) trying to be in the peak of the WilSon (snicker) love story. Not only have they already known each other, but they have already hung out together off screen according to another tweet.

While we’re on the topic of Guy Wilson, there were two other reasons why I was worried about a recast.

1. Can he show the same kind of intense emotions Chandler can? After watching Guy break down and cry in the NCIS episode he was in, I think he probably can. And he’s already familiar with WilSon and Days in general. He knows Chandler’s acting skills and the big shoes he has to fill. AND he has an acting coach even with all the experience he already has due to a variety of roles.

2. A superficial concern… How alike would he look compared to Chandler. Recent photos show him with a shorter hair cut similar to what Chandler has had. He has bright blue eyes. He is about the same height as Chandler (and Freddie), AND have you seen photos of his pecs, abs and arm muscles? Even though his cheeks are more hallow with a stronger jaw line, I think he looks close enough to Chandler.

I will always love Chandler. He made the young adult character that is Will Horton (IMO). And I’m still mad at how Days treated Chandler after the Emmys he’s won and the new viewers he helped bring to the show. I wasn’t going to continue watching after Chandler’s last episode. I’ve decided I’m going to give Guy Wilson a chance as Will Horton. I love the storyline too much not to after all the evidence I’ve seen so far of Guy’s abilities. Maybe he won’t deliver, but I’m willing to give him a chance. I’m preparing myself for it feeling really weird.

I value everyone’s opinions as long as they’re not attacking other fans. We can’t control our feelings, but we can control how we express them.