Most Romantic Idiot


Suddenly, every song was about you. - (via a-little-insane)


"Hmmm?" Will hummed contentedly against Sonny’s bare chest; the feel of Sonny’s fingers trailing feather-light up and down his arm was lulling him to sleep.

"When did you first know you were in love…

Then & Now

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Week of October 6th Spoilers

Tuesday October 7th 

  • Sami argues with Will when she learns of his latest article.

Wednesday October 8th

  • Will is taken aback by Chad’s anger towards EJ. 



Even if those aren’t Frankie’s socks, I still think it’s a shout out:

  1. They’re socks from Big Brother
  2. Frankie has the same socks and matching socks in pink
  3. Why would he take a picture of his feet even if he is wearing Big Brother socks? No one would know that’s what it was…

Frankie’s socks or not, Zach never wore them in the house after the competition. But now he’s at home wearing those socks and looking like Frankie. Sweet.


Sunsay! Funday! Guy enjoying his Sunday watching a game


Sunsay! Funday! Guy enjoying his Sunday watching a game


Also there is so much people may not know.

I dated a guy for almost a year that NO ONE EVER KNEW ABOUT because he wasn’t sure if he wanted things public (no valid reason with this guy he just was an ass lol) and so I never told many one and we never talked on Facebook or anything like that.

We still texted all the time and hung out a lot to no ones knowledge.

So I’m just saying, we have NO idea what Zach may be texting frankie.

I’m guessing the difference with Zach is that while he isn’t admitting he’s gay (if he is), he isn’t hiding his feelings for Frankie. He’s very public with his affection up to a certain point which is still quite intimate.